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We Sell and Service Cisco VoIP Phone systems.

The Cisco system is a full modern digital PBX style with an auto attendant to answer the phone and direct you calls. it feathers different messages depending on the time of day or week. We have some very favorable Business rate plans that can pay for the complete install in just a few months with savings compared to Qwest business rates. 941_phone

Sample plan: 4 dial in lines, free incoming calls, free long distance (in and out of state) for less then$50.

This is with metered service outbound of 1200 minutes. more time does cost more, but not much. The really good part is there is no contract, this means you can change your rate plan anytime you need to. However if you only need two dial in numbers you only pay for two but you can still revceive 4, 5, 6 or more calls at the same time.

Example: You have a seasonal business like a Tax office. Most of the year you need 2 lines, so that is what you pay for.
BUT come tax time you need 16 lines, just adjust the rate plan and your all set. After April 15 go back to 2 lines. You will save money.

The only catch is you do need a full time internet connection. if you don't we can help setup that for you. Even if you do, we might be able to save you money on that too.