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Laptop Special

     Is your laptop more than a year or two old? If so:
     Does the cooling fan seem to run more then it used to?
     Does the cooling fan run all of the time?
     Does the cooling fan run louder then it used to?
     Does it shut off without warning, even though the battery is charged?
     Does it shutoff even quicker, when you restart?
     Does it seem too hot?

It may be over heating. Remember the fuzz on the air conditioner or furnace filter the last time you changed it? Well your laptop does NOT have a filter, but will still collect fuzz and dirt internally, causing it to overheat.

A simple free software program will tell rather it is overheating or not.

If it is, you need our laptop cleaning special, only $169.95

The cleaning consists of:

 1. Backup of the hard drive
   2. Careful disassembly of the laptop.
   3. Removal and cleaning of the internal CPU cooler.
   4. Then careful reassemble.
   5. A virus scan.
   6. A spyware scan.
   7. Removal of unwanted programs, we ask you before we do this.
   8. On request for a small fee, We will give you a DVD backup of any music and pictures
   9. Then install ALL Microsoft patches and upgrades.
10. Suggest any reasonable upgrades.
   11. Finally, defrag the hard drive and test the computer.

We will install new antivirus software if needed, for an additional fee.
We hold the original backup for thirty day in case anything goes wrong. For a small additional fee we will provide a restore backup of the finished laptop.